Greenhack 1.3.2019

Our Greenhack event started in the auditorium. With everyone gathered, an employee from Remeo introduced us to different concepts in recycling, and environmentalism overall.

We were first divided into groups by roles that we decided prior to the event. Roles included a graphic designer, project manager, marketing manager, specific matters expert and programmer.


In the groups we were presented with different concepts that our role should be aware of by a trainee. Afterwards, we headed to our groups and started to develop our idea. They were presented to judges at first, with the finalists presenting their idea to the whole group in the auditorium. Finalists included two groups from Turku, one from Salo and one from Huittinen. This time, the winners were from Norssi.

Jussi Häyrinen & team


Will students really care about politics?

And in their free time? It’s more likely than you’d think.

On Monday the 4th of March we, the pre-ib class, got an opportunity to go listen to an election panel in the Turku Finnish työväenopisto. To prepare for this visit most of us planned out a few questions to ask the panelists, of which three were answered. Throughout the panel I and my classmates gained plenty of new knowledge about the views regarding environment, migration and foreign policy that the different parties held; allowing us to be more aware of the Finnish political climate.

Jutun on kirjoittanut Daniel Talv 1cIB

High schoolers did news pitching with YLE

Representatives from YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) taught IB students the essentials of planning and pitching a news story.  One of the student teams will be selected to do a real-life news pitch at YLE on News Class Day in April.


IB graduates celebrated in style

On Saturday, the IB-graduates got to put on their student caps as a sign of graduating from the Diploma Program. The graduation ceremony was marked by hearfelt speeches and great optimism for what future holds.

DSC_0173 DSC_0273
Photos: Veikka Partanen

High schoolers competed in debating

The final round of the high school debating semifinal had the teams arguing for or against the abolishment of daylight saving time.  The opposition was finally declared as winner which means that Eeva Aarnio, Siiri Koskinen ja Anna Ahlbäck will be traveling to Tampere to compete against other schools.  The judges for the Norssi semifinal were Angelos Emmanoulidis and Samuel Akangbe Olywaseyn from the University of Turku Debating Club.

IMG_1882 IMG_1894 IMG_1900

World biomimetics expert Dr. Alam impresses Norssi high school students

pav_silkfaceOur high school students were swept off their feet by the contagious enthusiasm that Dr. Parvez Alam, Adjunct Professor of Composite Materials and Biostructures at Åbo Akademi has for science.  Accounts of research on spider silk and fish that climb trees had the students listening at the edges of their seats.

The innovative and inquisitive Dr. Alam made a lasting impression on his listeners.

IB seniors share extended essay dos and don’ts with juniors

A panel of IB seniors shared what it was like to write the Diploma Program’s extended essay.  While the seniors’ subjects and approaches varied somewhat all of them recommended choosing a topic that is truly interesting.  Additional tips included managing time well and keeping a close eye on the assessment criteria.