Turku Europe Forum 29.-31.8.2019

By Anniina Rämä, 4 September 2019

The entrance to the Library Yard decorated with European flags


The Turku Europe Forum was held for the second time from 29 to 31 August 2019. The event brought together political and economic influencers and the people of Turku to discuss the future of Europe and Finland. The Forum took over the main library area in the city centre, with events mainly taking place in the Vähätori Square and the Library Yard.

Myself and three other IB-seniors were able to work as volunteers at the event on Thursday and Friday. We assisted the organisers of the event in the Library Yard. Our tasks included handing out brochures, informing people about the event and managing the stage and the performers taking part in debates and discussions. In addition to working, we had the chance to listen to and chat with people attending the event.

The Forum attracted both local and EU politicians, as well as representatives of different political parties and organizations. It was wonderful to see such a vast array of people – ranging from high-profile members of the European Parliament to students and children – coming together to show their interest in Finland’s future with the European Union.

The main issues that arose in discussions and debates were the development of the European Union in the coming years, defending EU’s values and principles and presenting a united European front in global matters.

Finnish MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen and Heidi Hautala on stage on Friday 30 August


The general atmosphere of the event was very free and visitors were encouraged to actively participate in the discussion through social media and by communicating directly with the speakers and presenters. The event surely cleared up many questions and doubts that people had about the workings of the EU, and helped promote a positive attitude towards continuing Finnish cooperation with the European Union in the future.

Tietoja JariS
Toimin tieto- ja viestintätekniikan opetuskäytön suunnittelijana ja tukihenkilönä Turun yliopistoon kuuluvassa Turun normaalikoulussa. Tehtävänimikkeeni on sovellussuunnittelija.


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