Art Museum Visit

By Fathima Malik

Today, our class went to the Turku Art Museum. Each group had chosen an artwork to talk about on the previous museum visit. During this visit, all the groups presented their ideas to the entire class.

It was fun to see the many various ideas that my fellow classmates had about various different artworks. Some of their interpretation of the artworks were different and interesting as I wouldn’t have thought about that at all. One in the class talked about a painting which showed the sky filled with clouds and nothing else. Their interpretation and the meaning they got from the painting would not be the same one I would get. They got more points and went more in depth than I would have if I had chosen to talk about that painting. I would probably have something like ‘the painting could symbolize happiness and hope as the colour of the sky with which the artist painted is blue, which is a colour most people connect with happiness’ and ended with that. So, it was interesting to see the things my classmates had come up with that I hadn’t thought of.

A lot of the groups had chosen the painting our group chose, and we were the second last group to talk about it. As a result, we couldn’t say much as most of our points were taken by others which couldn’t be unavoidable. This was kind of problematic, but we quickly changed what we were going to say and instead talked about something slightly different than our initial thoughts. The positive thing from many groups choosing and talking about the same painting as us, is that we got to hear many different opinions and interpretations of the same painting which all of us have analysed in depth. It shows that despite people looking at the same thing and studying it, everyone will get slightly different results. So, in the arts, when people have to analyse the artworks, everyone will get their own interpretations as everyone is different and their brains see things in a different point of view and at a different angle then their peers.

As a result, this visit to the art museum was one that was enjoyable, and I wouldn’t mind coming here another time. The artworks were amazing to look at and each of them contained a huge emotional meaning that could be seen through further analysis. Therefore, I would recommend for the next years of Pre-IB students to go to the Turku art museum as a part of their History course. Although they might not be able to go to the same exhibition as us, they should still go because the new exhibition could be better than this one.

Tietoja JariS
Toimin tieto- ja viestintätekniikan opetuskäytön suunnittelijana ja tukihenkilönä Turun yliopistoon kuuluvassa Turun normaalikoulussa. Tehtävänimikkeeni on sovellussuunnittelija.

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