Greetings from St. Petersburg

On 15th of May me with my fellow classmates and friends, Paulo Machado, Irina Polishchuk, and Riad Jakupovic accompanied by Arts teacher Sari Torvinen and activity coordinator Ilona Sammalkorpi have returned from St. Petersburg. Our minds were filled with memories and our souls were filled with enthusiasm. The trip was a tale brought to life. When I have moved from my home town Vilnius to Turku I have forgot how it feels to exist in a huge city. There are more than 5,000,000 people in St. Petersburg and the city continuously hurls in life. Before traveling to St. Petersburg as a attender of an Arts project I have already heard plenty of stories friends and family about the city and I couldn’t be more excited of finally getting there!

Over the time that we have spent in St. Petersburg there was a lot of thing going on. During the stay of 4 days I and my friends had the prestige privilege of observing, in real-life, some of the greatest, most noble and beautiful buildings known to the man kind. On the very first day of our visit I had a chance to of seeing the St. Petersburg palace compound form the   side of river Neva. On the second day I was dazed by the charming domes of the Savior on Blood’s cathedral. Further on I also saw Hermitage, St. Isaac’s cathedral, palaces and countless amounts of truly charming and breath-taking architecture. During the trip we have painted, videotaped and practiced photography. Me and my close friends Paulo, Irina and Riad became more familiar with our sister-schools students. We can’t wait to be back!

Nikita A. Sormunen

Shards Paint Life of an Artist Composition #1



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